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Access Control is normally considered to be some form of electronic lock system.

There is a range of access control types, including:

  • Keypad
  • Proximity Card
  • Dallas Chip
  • Smart Card
  • Magnetic Swipe

There are many others, however keypad and proximity cards are the most common. There is some trends towards smart cards, which have the advantage of being completely programmable, this saves waiting for cards to be ordered on particular site codes. The disadvantage is the cost and the fact that most people never use their full capabilities, ending up paying for something they did not need.

Access control can be used to solve a range of issues. We commonly install access control on the front door of a business where the reception is un-attended. The intercom can be connected to the phone system, the door unlocked by pressing buttons on the phone keypad. Staff enter the door using a keypad or proximity card.

Access control can be used on front doors to provide a layer of security, so if a card is lost, it can be quickly deleted from the system, no need to change the locks.

Systems start from the basic keypad programed systems for single doors, computer programed systems for single doors, to multi door computer controlled systems. With multiple doors it becomes necessary to have the system administered by computer, as all doors can be programed at the same time and if you need to test cards (as they can become damaged) or see who entered and when.

If you would like to know more or would like to purchase an access control system, please give us a call.


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