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At Professional Locksmiths we competently service and install all brands of locks.

So if your locks suffer any of the following afflictions, call us and we will fix them for you:

  • Keys difficult to turn
  • Key turns, but lock had to operate
  • Have to pull or push the door to make the lock work
  • Have to jiggle keys to make them work
  • Lock cylinder is loose and rattles around
  • Door does not ‘catch’ properly when closed
  • Keys won’t work at all
  • Lock handles are loose or have fallen off

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Professional Locksmiths are the trusted Lockmiths For:
Office complexes • Retail shops • Factories • Warehouses • Motels • Hospitality industry • Sporting clubs • Small businesses • Apartment buildings • Educational institutions • Corporate offices • Retail complexes • Legal offices • Warehousing • Hospitals • Municipalities • Government departments • Multiple franchise outlets • Transportation industry and all other security critical applications.