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We design and install all the latest types of master key system products. Our clients range from large government departments, commercial buildings, schools/colleges to the smallest retail premises.

We can accommodate your needs and our experience will save you time and expense by getting it right the first time.

We are approved dealers for Lockwood, Kaba, any many other key systems.

If you operate a large facility, then proper key management is not only useful, but will save your organization money. All our master key system records are compatible with the Key Manager software package.

The software allows you to:

  • Maintain a list of key holders
  • View a list of doors and what key operates them
  • Record lost keys
  • Report on compromised doors
  • Automate your key ordering
  • Maintain records of all types of keys and access control cards.

We can supply and install the latest in key management systems, allowing you to keep track of keys issued automatically, across multiple sites. The system can include software for programming access, can be customized for issuing other items such as mobile phones and expanded in a modular fashion.


Professional Locksmiths are the trusted Lockmiths For:
Office complexes • Retail shops • Factories • Warehouses • Motels • Hospitality industry • Sporting clubs • Small businesses • Apartment buildings • Educational institutions • Corporate offices • Retail complexes • Legal offices • Warehousing • Hospitals • Municipalities • Government departments • Multiple franchise outlets • Transportation industry and all other security critical applications.